The Fae Conspiracy

The Fae Conspiracy

The Fae Conspiracy
A Metaphysical Fantasy
The Fae Town Series Book 1
Published by Vertical Mirth Publishing
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Chicago. Tanin can’t dislodge a persistent unease. Working for a fae civil rights icon, the young human-shaped tree stays busy pumping unseen tendrils of magic into Earth’s stale ground. But a fraught encounter with a wil-o-the-wisp reveals the dark side of his zealous mentor… and endows him with a mysterious new ability.

Tuan has trouble deciding if he should panic or celebrate. Once a humble bike courier, he realizes constant contact with a weird faerie composting business has left him able to see through their glamor and into the astral plane. But when the vivid colors and amazing sights start to overwhelm his mind, he turns to the anxious eucalyptus dryad for help.

Stunned to discover that mortal employees have been disappearing and dying for months, Tanin digs into the darker aspects of Gaia’s guidance. And while helpful spirit guides show Tuan how to master his mental gifts, his physical body is still spiraling out of control.

Will their desperate attempts to do good poison the planet forever?

The Fae Conspiracy is the mystical first book in The Fae Town Series of urban fantasies. If you like spontaneous fun, intriguing symbolism, and environmental themes, then you’ll love Kevin Knabe’s imaginative adventure.

September 23, 2023