The Fae Crisis

The Fae Crisis

The Fae Crisis
Book 3 of the Fae Town Series
The Fae Town Series
Published by Vertical Mirth Publishing
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Tanin’s resilience is being tested. After rising from obscurity to become one of the leaders of Chicago’s Fae Town, the colorful shaman is stunned to learn he’s the son of Earth’s manifesting consciousness. But when the revelation triggers the fragile planetary essence’s galaxy-sized emotions, it sets off a burst of energy that attracts interdimensional soul eaters.


Savannah longs for peace. Irrevocably linked to Gaia, she’s a lightning rod for those seeking answers to the fresh attacks on their home. But the competent dryad realizes she’s about to shatter as god-level sentiments relentlessly pulse through her mortal body…


Battling waves of damage, Tanin’s attempt to communicate with his parent leaves him battered and broken. And as Savannah strives to provide the immature planet with nurturing guidance, her high-stakes responsibility turns into an inescapable curse.


Can they help a new deity bloom without poisoning their own people?


The Fae Crisis is the thought-provoking third book in The Fae Town metaphysical fantasy series. If you like quirky characters, seamless genre mashups, and eloquently detailed worldbuilding, then you’ll love Kevin Knabe’s spellbinding story.


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$4.99 USD | 979-8-9871395-8-5 | April 24, 2024